A Poem


Alpha, Omega, beginning, “it is finished.”

Remember? the ancient words—because Past is standing in your midst.

Eternal, I, used to cry in the dead of night.

Beginning with consummation—I was planned from, “Let there be…”


Light was growing dim over the earth, the Son was starting to set.

For man, who fell so easily once, I prayed, “God, don’t let them forget”

Struggling to lift my head, I raised my voice instead,

sneering at Friedrich Nietzsche, “I AM—I AM dead!”

and two giant fingers, Gods! pinched the candle in the sky,

and dark curtains dropped down on the world—and all creation cried.


And now—we find ourselves somewhere in between…

Heaven and Hell

Friday and Sunday

Veil and Veil

Hope and Despair

Law and Grace

Love and…

nothing else. That is it—only Love!


And Love asks:

Step into the tomb and breathe deeply the wicked stench of death,

smell your putrid, rotten, loyalty to the one you love.

Hear the disdain in your own voice, as it emerges from your depths,

“Crucify Him!” you scream, murder the son!

Stand in the pit, stand in the black,

with your eyes opened wide to the deep, damp, dark.

Only my love can turn you around, only I can bring you back.

But prepare to go blind, so I can give you new eyes,

prepare to die, so I can give you a new heart.


Are you ready? Are you ready to leave In Between?

I’m rolling back time and letting light shine,

I know you have been in darkness,

you may feel like you’re going blind.

It’s a lie, it’s not getting darker,

you are seeing things truly, for the first time.


Wake up. It’s mourning, but there is no reason to sleep,

for I am walking and talking, this isn’t a dream.

See—look here! Do you remember my excruciating pain?

Do you remember how they numbered me as one of the slain?

Well all that is finished, I did what God can’t,

I died at the hands of you sinful men.

But I made the slate clean again, by doing what man can’t,

I rose from the dead, to live eternal—No END!


But to what end is No END?

I AM forever for me, but No END for you,

and if I live eternal, you have No END too.

and so I became you, so you could become me,

and you could rise with open eyes, and see Eternity.

I welcome your thoughts and criticism.


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