This Picture Is Going To Take A While.

“Please Do not…” Another painful dot on the canvas of one large masterpiece that God is making. Unfortunately, as I have come to realize through a lot of reflection, God’s favorite medium is Ink…Red…His go-to technique: stippling. And he is making a mural.


Please, Do Not…


love—it will be easier this way.


When the chains cut deeper into these wrists,

Single links tightening and pressing deeper

Into the aching flesh,

It would just be better—if…

You weren’t here to say I love you,

Or that the shackles would soon be gone.

It is your faith in hope that is killing.


And of course—I wouldn’t know any better.

How much time it takes for a fresh wound to heal.

How if you pick at it and peel—it scabs—and

Then you want to pick at it and peel it some more.

No—I don’t bear on my own wrists,

Arms, legs, memory and heart,

Scabs and Scars.

No—I don’t know what to do

When someone says I love you,

And it will all be over soon—

But there is no belief in the gaze and nod,

“I know.”


But I know, I said.

Well, I’m sorry you just can’t, you said.

She needs to be alone, you said.

You said, you can’t go in.


If I had the guts I would have flashed

My wrists like a badge.

My pass is not a curse,

I promise—my blood and memory,

And puffy red lines of smooth skin,

The bruises,

They won’t make things worse.


You can plead with me do not,

But with bloody praying knees I refuse to kneel

Or submit—to it is finished hopelessness

Because it is not.


So please do not—

Please do not hope for less

Than shattered chains, the end

Of all your brokenness, being restored

To something new, or settling for someone

Less than you.

Please do not…love with less—than all

The love that is inside of you.


Never cover up your wrists,

Never touch your scars with regret,

Never, Never, Never, forget—


Please do not forget



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