Don’t Forget to Make Some Art

This one is just for fun. My encouragement: Everyone create something! To quote Neil Gaiman, “don’t forget to make some art — write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself.”


Let the voices be heard


The problem with being

empirical and not lyrical

is becoming intellectuals

who don’t understand, only critique


wishing they could paint pictures

when they dream

But instead it’s all formulas

never rhythm or rhyme scheme


Calling rappers criminals,

while Stevie Wonder says poets,

he’s the only one who can see.


And instead of being IF p THEN q

It’s IF p THEN—the Mona Lisa’s

eyes can follow you,

or a rose by any other name

would smell as sweet.


don’t you remember how

those in literary circles

said Hemingway’s a genius.

But he took a shotgun,

put a bullet in his brain?

Well the underground world

of anger and alcoholic numb

has a genius too,

they call him Kurt Cobain.


Not so far apart—really,

these rappers and rhetorician,

the difference is just one floor,

where downstairs the no-chancer’s

lurk and sip to forget failure,


but upstairs they’re the whores

The money-makers,

turning tricks back and forth

While all the drunk and bitter rockers

are drowning in the hope

of “just one more.”


Trapped in cold garages,

trying to spew some harmony,

lay down a line or fine lick

outta nothing.


But the whores keep working

in the upper room,

Keep doing dirty mouth tricks

Flow up and down,

follow the rules

stick to the game of rhetoric.

Ducks and drakes they warn,

But Geese and Gander—

they adorn (their own writing with)


Writers get their PHD’s

Not spend nights on PCP.

Like the artists, drop-outs,

burnouts of today

who are gonna rise up

steal all the words away.


Now Hear the rise of rhythm

and rhyme as they roll off the lips

heard by crazed fan

and contemporary critics,

these words began as an echo

off porcelain and white walls

until they grew into a crescendo

and erupted onto the stage—

born out of near death

as they flowed down the drain,

they are tears on a page,

ink letters that were once pain,

but now proud to be lyrics

that bear no shame—


that the world is willing to hear,

permitted to crumble paradigms

deconstruct lives,

but rebuild with commitment

something new that forgoes

the old and turn upside down,

inside out

our backwards world.


I welcome your thoughts.


One response to “Don’t Forget to Make Some Art

  • Byron

    Don’t forget to write an ode to all the PHDs out there who create and appreciate great art. (Ex. Nicolas Wolterstorff)

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