Never Empty

Divine Love is eternal because of the person of Jesus Christ. I thank God that His Son’s sacrifice opened the door to endless love for all. Should we, as finite creatures, choose to be filled with Divine love first which has no end, we can as limited beings pour out unconditional love on others. Where is the source from where we draw our love? If it is from inside our limited selves the spring will run dry. But should we let the love of God overflow into us we can stay full while pouring out into others.


Never Empty


Pure water for anointed head,

Held in my heart, on her undid

A Love so deep, a love that bled

So much, I had, I will’d to give.

She, broken glass, could not hold,

What I had and pour’d so bold.

“To love would be a waste” she said,

But I cannot waste this purest gift

Which can be pour’d without end.

For out of me flows endlessly

A spring hidden not within

A space or place inside of me,

But a Love which spills from heav’n.

It fills me then, eternally.

And I a tilted glass can pour

This Love freely into thee.

And though thou shattr’d,

To infinite Love, it does not matt’r,

For the steady Flood that spills,

There’s no glass it cannot fill.



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