Sonnet: The Promised Land

Almost got this one in a consistent meter. Most of the lines are Iambic with four beats per line. It is a Sonnet, 14 lines, rhyming couplet at the end. I tried to do a mix of a french style sonnet and free verse, so I try and rhyme the second lie of each stanza with each other. some of the rhymes are slant rhymes but the overall scheme is a,b,a,a,c,b,c,c,d,b,d,d,e,e…thought it would be fun! Enjoy!




Overturned on his stomach lay,

heart shaking the bed he upon.

The surprising shocks of earthquakes,

His tears assaulting tidal waves.


He prayed inside his head a dream.

To witness creation at disasters dawn.

Seeing tsunami split, dividing sea,

Cross trembling land with steady feet.


Look to promised life on other side.

The choice of path dry and long.

Divided mind like waters high,

To go or stay, to live or die?


To roll over and pray to You?

To stay back turned and still refuse?


I welcome your comments!


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