Poem: A touch of Light

Never have I seen a shooting star last so long. Never have I wished so hard in my life. It was the most incredible thing I have witnessed, literally heavenly. Mexico, my best friends, looking up at the stars, the next day we would be on a plane bound to Africa, where unknown to us we would be the ones served by the people we were planning on serving. Laying on our backs and looking up at the stars, God silenced our adolescent conversation. Not even our immature minds could utter the curse words that could have been appropriate for the situation. I could have said “holy shit” or a number of things…instead, dead silence. AWE. God pulled the words out of our mouths and for a moment showed us all something incredibly beautiful.


A touch of Light


The meteor painted a brush

of color in the sky

the length of a breath,

fading like a firework in a gasp.

There was no boom that followed,

no glittering arms of color

radiating outward.

All that was left—

Awe. And the ghost

of the celestial streak

arcing in the black blanket of space.

It was God slowly drawing

his fingernail across the atmosphere,

brushing the surface gently

like we do to still water.

His magic touch made a green

spark that spread through space,

then disappeared.

The thin line lingered

invisible in the sky

for a long time,

reminding me of when

a lover tenderly strokes

the inside of your arm.

How the skin dimples slightly

as desire is drawn across flesh.

That’s what I felt.

Beneath the million

winking white eyes of space,

God touched me on my arm

and marked me wanted.

Of all the planets in the universe,

of all the places to be,

of all the meteors to see,

this one I saw.

There it occurred to me

that God had scraped the sky,

though the odds infinity to one,

to say to me, “Goodnight.”


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