I would trade all this for Love

This is for my best friend.


I would trade all this for Love

By Paul Tomes


I pray the phoenix be reborn

Of ash, from life now fire torn,

So pure, I could watch white beauty

Rise, weightless on lightest breeze.


I long to hold her one last time,

Expand that moment like cloudless sky,

To see it stretch, eternal to the sun,

Stop time longer than curved horizon.


I cry for her to be set free,

To bear neck and wrists nakedly,

To cast aside the bracelet chains,

The pendant noose to punish shame.


I hope for beauty to trade black dress

Of funeral march, for wedding blessed

White train of a beloved bride,

In kiss, unveil beauty trapped inside.


I hope, long, cry and pray,

Do this for her by selfish way,

But those four ways I’d trade for love,

Not mine imperfect, but for His above.


I welcome your comments.


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