Poem: When Darkness Dawns

I have had a theme going lately in my poetry. Nature. I have spent a lot of time in it, staring at it, being in it, smelling it, hearing it…a lot. Try several summers in a row of weeks upon weeks of sleeping outside, walking, talking, living! I am glad that I have finally started to embrace the beauty it has to offer recently in my poems. Before, the lessons I gained, the epiphanies I had, the transformation I endured, all in the outdoors, remained dormant inside of me without a place of expression. I hope that what I write will continue in theme of nature and what it has to offer and what it has taught me. I hope to resurrect sunsets, fill black nights with stars, and cover mountains in snow…and possibility of adventure, all in the imagination. I hope to give a body to beauty, to incarnate in poetry human life as it is lived in Gods Cathedral, the wilderness.


When Darkness Dawns

By Paul Tomes


I gripped the tail of a solar flare

To reverse the light on my despair.

I tried to stop the glaring sun

From setting on that day.

I tried to stop the darkness coming

And make this end another way.

Had I hands to contain the fire

I would’ve held the sun in place,

Or pulled it back to yesterday

To take back words of my desire

In hope that spring this year

Would bloom, only bloom a little late.

But onward, the world spun,

Dragging forward, I and sun.

Summer, fall, winter, spring,

Summer again, this time will bring,

Not summer last, but better things

Not the same season of every past,

For reasons, we can never go back,

And reach for the sun that has

Left us behind, to make another pass.

A different way, a different day.

So, I let go of the sun and it set me free,

And as it set, it dawned on me.

The sun doesn’t fall or rise,

But I’m inclined to stare with romantic eyes

And think that time could stand still,

By act of love or greater will,

But the sun sits humbly in the sky,

Everlasting, burning bright.

And the only time the darkness comes,

Is when we, the earth, turn our backs to light.


I welcome your comments.


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