Sonnet: Snow White

I admit, this poem needs some work. I wrote it a while back and didn’t post it because it felt very personal at the time. There was a certain attachment to it that I wanted to keep for myself, meaning, the moment it captured I selfishly wanted to horde. But I think that kind of selfishness demeans beauty. I am not claiming that this poem in its form is by any means of great quality or transcendence, or even epiphany. But this moment, if imagined, and maybe in the words, if tightened and revised, serves for me anyway, as the beginning to something truly beautiful. Why do I say that? Well, as you will see it is a poem dealing with one of my favorite images, a mirror. It attempts to bring the reader into the, “getting beyond distortion” theme that I have fought for in my own life. Its a goofy thing to do, but stand in front of a mirror and try only to seek out beauty. To believe that you are beautiful begins with the belief that you are valuable. Do it naked. Be ashamed, feel awkward, but don’t leave that spot until you realize that there, vulnerable as can be, you are valued, by someone, something, some divinity, and without you in their life they would be different. The destruction of Beauty is a loss to the world. It an equal loss to stain our own beauty, even if it is just in our thoughts.


Snow White


The sleeping princess wakes without a kiss.

Echoes of the first time a far off dream.

Her head swirling with hope of daily bliss,

She steps into a world of fog and steam.


Naked beneath her robe she straights her curls

And brushes color on her face and eyes,

Reflecting hope of being a different girl.

The Glass sees her as something else, and cries.


Thinking as she tosses her lovely hair,

“Who am I mirror, mirror on the wall?”

Looking at her with his calming ocean stare,

He says, you are the fairest of them all.


Placing his hand lightly on her small waist,

You’re perfect whispered in their short embrace.


I welcome your comments.


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