“So far seeds” of the Glen Workshop

No, “So far seeds” is not the title of anything. But so far the Glen has sprinkled some seeds into those mulchy fissures in my brain. Here is one. It is the beginning of a poem, unedited, and basically a skeleton. I wrote it during class and feel it will provide a solid bedrock for something more beautiful and sorrow filled in the future. For some reason all of my thoughts have been fairly ecclesiastical. Hopefully, after some reflection, I can tell you more on why I am feeling the vanity of life.




We mocked the withered lilies,

Like Jesus shaking his fist at the fig,

Only we hummed with laughter

Behind our sealed smiles, that we were

Unable to keep alive the gift of life,

The potted plant we bought together.


We swallowed our words

While we explained to Sam,

“Sometimes dogs die son,

but he is with other dogs, and is happy.”

We wrapped up Sam in our arms

And told him we were still a family.


We wiped each other’s tears

As Sammy struggled from our bundled hug,

A box in hand and a backpack,

Ready for the life ahead of him

In college. In the car we remembered

We still had each other.


We could live together, pretending

We would last forever, but

It wouldn’t be we,

It would be you or me.

The other would be a memory,

A box eventually hauled up into the attic.


I welcome your thoughts!


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