Earning Your “Well Done”

I thank God this isn’t true…but how often do we do this? Praising God for the cross is one thing, living into the reality of it is another. A whole host of Saints who have gone before me have said things synonymous with this. I still don’t get, and by get it i mean, practice it less than half than perfectly. But I am an optimistic, get off of your humpty-dumptied ass and try and try again kinda guy who believes that that is what matters to God. To throw you all back into Narnia, listen to what Aslan says to Tirian in The Last Battle, “Well done, last of the Kings of Narnia who stood firm at the darkest hour.” Well done. What a wonderful thing to hear. Not for standing perfect in the dark hour, not for fighting happily, but standing firm. If you can recall, the battle was not always perfect. But it was won. Well done. 

So a poem, the other side of standing, the thought process of guilt maybe? Maybe what we do, but what we shouldn’t.

I’ll Just Come Back Later


God, my throat hurts

And my head too,

Like on most mornings after

Reading in the dark light of

The pub where I drank too much.


But man, I mean—God, my throat

I mean—God, those cigarettes.

Never doin’ that again.


Anyway, it’s too rainy

And the mud will stick my jeans

If I walk to church,

So I’m not going.


But I’ve got bread and juice

And I can pray, but

Not sing…because my throat.

That’s ok, right?

That I take communion


After all the stuff I did

Last night

And this morning too

When I masturbated

Because I was bored

And sleepy after eating oatmeal?


It’s not to soon

To be praying,



Because, I can come back later

If you want?


Of course, the thoughts you think and thought you thunk are welcome, I think.


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