Poem: Answering My Brain

Answering My Brains Big Questions

“All children, except one, grow up.”
– Peter Pan
Sometimes I forget
I’m only twenty-three,
Trying to tackle every
Possibility in front of me
As if was thirteen
And wearing my first
Pair of football pads.
If only I could go back,
Re-live life at three,
face the world
Day by day;
Get picked forth
To last in kickball
And not worry
About grass stains,
Because mom always
Solved my minor problems
With Minor Miracles
Like Tide
With color safe bleach.
Whether I grow
Like a weed or a tree
I’ll never be old enough
To be fifty-three.
Or not even- to be
Only thirty-three!
Is a knee creaking number
I could never dream for me.
So a problem became apparent,
And it’s not with you or me,
It’s all trapped inside those numbers
Those silly squiggly things.
Now I’ve just quit counting,
Measuring life by years,
But instead by heartbeats,
My breathes, gasps and grass stains-
Even by my tears.
I’ve lost track of time and age,
Dispensed and gathered
Along the way.
Some would say I’m getting old
But i’m convinced I’m eternal
And getting younger by the day.

2 responses to “Poem: Answering My Brain

  • Robeft Tomes

    I really liked this—good job. Gramma

  • Vicke Thrower

    I find your work to be wonderful, spell-binding and often forcing me to pause for reflection. (2) minor comments on this one – I think you meant “fourth” (instead of forth) and the last line might spill off the tongue just a hair bit easier with this minor change: “And getting younger day by day…” That’s my two cents, which costs you nothing. Again LOVE this and “So Far for Nothing” – keep writing. -vlt

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