Have you ever said I love you more than one person? For some reason I have always thought of the phrase like a kind of horcrux. The more times I say it, the more my soul splits and my next I love you is not quite as whole as it could be. If I divide enough times I will have stretched bits of soul too far beyond gathering up. 
I guess I’m wrong. I don’t really know. It feels whole when whispered in the back seat of an SUV, but in retrospect I remember it as flat, like the green line on a heart monitor; all dead. 
I hope love is like resurrection. All dead. Suddenly alive. All new.
This poem is not all about that resurrection stuff, just the former, the horcrux thing. Enjoy.
 love you two

If you say I love you

More than once
If you say it twice 
Have you trampled love
If you say it too one 
can you say it too two 
Can you fully mean
And divide an I love you
Did you mean I love you 
Or her or him or
Not at all
Did you mean I love you 
Or I love you too
What does that mean 
Because I’ve said I love you before
Can we mean truly
What we’ve said before
Because I’ve said I love before
Am I just a man 
Are you just a woman
Collecting I love you’s
Like a whore
Can we say something
Or mean something
And mean it like before?

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