I know this to be true

I know this to be true

I know I need to dance
Now more than ever.
I know I need to sing
I know there are a hundred songs
Stuck to the back of my throat.
For the first time in my life
I’m afraid to turn upside down;
Afraid all the words will
Fall from my mouth.
I know in the stillness I am still
In my head are thoughts
Dancing all around.
Dancing with ideas with no strings,
Dancing but not pulling my arms and feet.
This is marionette
Without limits.
So wiggle your big toe.
Wiggle your big toe
Without limits
If you can wiggle your nose.
I know I am free.
Free to dance,
Free to sing.
And art, 
To beget and create
And free to forget
About the strings
That moved my heart.
I know I can tune those strings
To play a better, wizened song
To be heard by sun and moon
That will bring bright darkness
To the day
And a candle fire 
To the night,
And once my soul
Leaps from burdened sleep
And ebbs beyond my skeletons reach
Then I will whisper free.
I know I can wiggle free.




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