New Poem: And the Two

I’m blaming sleep deprivation for these thoughts. Two three hours-ish since waking up Thursday morning. I wish I could attribute it to some sort of insomnio-genius impulse. Like a super power.  It’s not. I am, however about to go rock climbing, so I’m going to have to wrap this up Pre-exploration of this personal lack of sleep and just leave you with a poem. Happy Saturday.
And the Two 
Our first mattress shared and our separate coffins;
Between the two we live and the two we die,
Not together, but interrupted
Even though we shared the time together
As if our time took precedent in the other persons life;
Until the wrinkled tumor seized you
First. I cursed the time 
That teased you, at first
Because you left without saying goodbye 
Enough times to help me understand why
Before you died you said, “I’m sorry,”
Until now. You know I’m lonely,
But now I know you
Feel guilty for leaving me so early.

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