Poem: Graveyard in the ICU

Leverage is a good word. I felt an urgency to use it ( urgency is a good word too?). I by no means mastered it in the context of this poem. Maybe it even fell a little flat. But as I said, there was a sense of urgency to see it on paper. I doubt I’m the only one who feels this about certain words at different moments. The other day it was Turbulence. Doesn’t that word just eddy and interrupt, agitate with a felt energy? Doesn’t Leverage make you feel on the brink of buckling beneath an unknown weight?

I know. They do.


Graveyard in the ICU


“God it’s only 5am”

“God, it’s 5am”


Auto-motion tips the neck

Leverage cocks the bottle back

Gravity dries the hanging skin


This is how his first shift ends

And how his second shift begins




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