100th postiversity!

It’s been over a year and a half since I created this blog. Without intention, I celebrate the 100th post with a poem about a mirror. I think that is a damn fine way to break (huzzah!) into the 100’s, by continuing to write to theme. 

I have certainly not been perfect at keeping to the task of what I set out to do when I started writing. My goal was to reflect; to reflect God, even be it faintly. As I reflect (heh heh), my goal is to continue to expand the meaning of that notion over the next year. 
I want to explore writing where I can be explicit in my belief; like theological and philosophical essays. I want to continue to be cryptic and explore our tough world through a tough language. I see poetry falling into this category. Not that I want to be impossible to understand but I don’t want to develop an easy word hoard or a didactic style. A clever man can solve a problem, but a wise man will create fresh questions. I want to pursue narrative and bring story to life. And most importantly, I want to have fun.  Let my writing do handstands and run off into sunsets free of cliche. 
I’m excited to see where my brain heads this next year, what new images and new words become charged with meaning for me. I have been dancing more lately. Who knows where that will lead or in what way twirling and crumpling, bounding and reaching, toe-pointing and grasping for the line of lights pouring down on you from the balcony will break into my prose. But it will. 

And now, for our 100th anniversary… another dim mirror.
Now A Dim Mirror
Mirror without reflection.
Fast river,
Still brook,
Broken to ripples
By upheaval underwater
Or heaved rock.
Mirror without reflection.
Dull mirror,
Still mirroring,
Broken to shatters
By upheaval of self-hatred 
Or heaved fists.
Mirror without reflection.
True mirror.
Still window,
Broken to clarity
By upheaval of self
And heaving palms.
(Now A Dim Mirror will likely not be the actually title…it’s a joke)

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