On Poetry and Prayers

Prayer is a nest; and in my nest I have been tinkering with the twigs. I have been doing a bit of “feng shui” with more than the furniture. I have been reordering the structure so that I can have more space to pray according to the order by which I was created. 
I love poetry; I need prayer. I need poetry; I love prayer. You know how when you combine things you generally do it out of the need to make things more compact? Like when you have two half-empty boxes. One plus One makes One full box. That is God to Adam and Eve: Marriage 101.
Well combining prayer and poetry is nothing like that. It’s more like Atom smashing (no pun intended). The two collide and unleash energy; sparks fly out, fires start (but only in the heart) and, thank God, there are no bombs involved. 
Sometimes, yes, God disturbs the landscape of soul. Sometimes he frightens it. But it’s beautiful. He’s there only to make more room for himself. 
So, here are some prayers and also a little Epitaph I wrote. Cheers! 
And when you pray, go into the thin crawlspace of your brain, light a candle, and read what the shadow of your soul is dancing along the walls.
Therefore, in this manner, pray:
Thank you God for the imagination…”
What the Silence said
“Speak,” I said
To the dark,
But what it said
I cannot say.
I clasped my hands  
Much harder
And formed more words 
To pray:
“Speak”I said,
And did not stop
To listen
While I formed more words
To pray.
A Prayer for Stacie
The tumor grows;
Our faith shrinks.
So much pressure
On the brain
To believe
The heart 
Won’t stop
I Laughed while Sam was praying
The minute details of reaction
Disturb the silence 
With a quiet disturbance.
A half breath,
Certainly, a half gasp:
A fleck of wind
A sigh:
Tension retreating 
In the lung proceeding.
For every man
Without a language;
Chant of triumph.
The unbuckled lips
If now is the time 
For this moment.

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