Getting Naked: Stripping back the words

Inspired by the naked prose of the Ex-patriots and the early 20th century American Poets.

“To Carl Sandburg – He dead.A nod of the cap to the old guy”


Lip Song


On your lip,

I saw today

A crippled wish,

Eager to sing

Its wings.



I want to be a mirror

A thousand pieces wide


And hold all of you

In each sliver,


And in each sliver

Hold a piece of you.


House on Highway 86

The ruptured brick;

A leaning house

Sunken in the ground.


The tin roof

Thatched with fog,

Greedy for the urn


Of the gutter.

The chafed throat

Slobbers on a mound


Of worshiping lilies.

The clotted rain

Of twig and mud


Smudges the petals

Of anxious faces

Awaiting their blessing.


I seek your feedback


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