What I Learned While Waiting

These two are coming at you from the “Poem a day promise.” It shouldn’t be any secret: this is ___in’ difficult. Alas! there is, in all this attempting and failing, one faint ember of wisdom to be coaxed; observation, meditation, inspiration, and imagination.

If you come here for poetry, maybe you yourself are a poet. Take the advice of this perpetually humbled hypocrite. Stare. Stare long, and in silence let your mind shuffle over the infinite possibilities. Dance to the music of words inside your head, get caught up in the picture that a puddle reflects, dive into into its rapture, and do not forget to write it down. Just Stare. know that something is at stake because the music that you make with the letters of your paint can help bring a change. So stare, relax, think– Wait.

Eye dream

Picture on the inside
Of your eyelid
A dream
You’ve suffocated
While sleeping.


(for this poem, the word Selah is supposed to be indented to the right side of each stanza, like a Psalm. Formatting would not allow for this aesthetic.)

There is a whisper
Between the thunder
And lightning hack
No matter how far
Away the voice cracks.

In the wake
Of the blood wave
Along the artery,
Between the murmur
And the flutter
Of valves hinging,
Not every ounce
Shall pass through
From vein to vein.

In the eye blink,
The seductive flash
When the naked lid
And under eye connect,
Hold their shape
And disconnect,
There is a teasing
That hungers for sleep.


Before every breath,
An impasse
At the inflation
And deflation.
Selah in between
Now and then
And not yet,
Past Selah Future.
Pause. Rest. Now
In your first
And last breath.


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