Here Is A Stone

So there is this great, albeit silly and head-scratching, poem called,  “In The Middle of The Road” by Carlos Drummond de Andrade. It has a fantastic refrain which essentially says “there’s a stone in the road!” Anyway, I think stones are nice, and because Carlos Drummond de Andrade is one of my favorite poets who doesn’t write in English ( His Poem “Residue” is in my top ten favorites ever) I want to extend to him the highest form of flattery and imitate him; at least in the sense that I stole his stone as a way of launching into the conceit.

Let her roll!


She Gave Me A Stone


Here is a stone

She gave to me.


Here is a stone.


She gave to me

A stone

She chose

From a million other stones.


A stone scudded, like all other stones

Sparking against each other;


A stone polished

With the sharpness of waves

Reaching and peeling back

The beaches of a town

In the south of France.


Here is that stone

She lugged across the ocean

In her carry-on;

And in the end

Was only a stone

Which she gave to me.


I welcome your thoughts


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