Orare Abstractus

I’m not really sure how to introduce this. It would be wrong to call it a poem,but not entirely inaccurate. This is a prayer, an abstract prayer, to a god I know to be but cannot name or know. I realize that sounds strange, but in many ways I find God (emphasis on that capital G) strange. If it is a poem it only is because it heuristic, both in terms of its content and concern with the phonetic. It is a kind of discovery (hence heuristic), through sound quality, of the presence of some being whose absence is greatly felt. If I had to analyze it I would suggest that the long and quiet “s” sound in the ‘poem’ is a kind of way of interrogating the feeling of God: something that rises like a tide and then vanishes. My hunger is for that persistent presence that is so vividly burning in the bush Moses encounters, or is felt when you feel yourself loved, or read a poem, eat a peach, or for a moment understand that a leaf is a leaf and that it somehow is a leaf (I’m thinking of that quality of light around dusk when all things, like leaves, seem to be illuminated, lit from within). So that is what I am presenting to you; the hunger to name and the failure, ad infinitum.

(as a poem it is a major deviation from my ‘usual’ style, so be prepared to be somewhat surprised)

Orare Abstractus

O’ Perceived Not-I Not Anything Not Nothing Not Mine
all matter outside and within contradiction
inhabit the distance or again incarnate it
between you and i or i and I you and true you
tangible touchable god of flesh mystery of mud distortion of dust
drawn line between two beings whose tongues are not translatable to each other

O’ Perceived Being Inside Outside Myself Myself
a referent inhospitable to your personness

You Who Stand Who Sit Who Step
beside me at all times and in no time

Timeless Formless Massless Merciless Relentless
in your beholding of my essence  Does not the divine

Nothingness Abstraction Inconceivable
make impossible the rise to our positon by being positionless?

Jesus Jesus Jesus
object of my flesh incarnate in consciousness
do you behold me Jesus as the non object of your unconsciousness?

how then if you can enter this bodily world
of genital and breath and soul turned flesh
should i possible an exit equal  departure
of this congruence with time future time past
form future form last God soon God then
and become a vessel in which one day
you might locate yourself even for an instant?

moses moses moses
of you i am jealous having perceived two moments
of some god’s existence  In the passing by
of some non object you have seen yet not
glimpsed of some infinite not I-ness
as was once and will be but no longer is

No Face To Face No Veil Yet Lifted No Iris
in which my iris must diminish

My God My God My Sweet Nothingness

Bitter Becoming Becomes And Now Fully Is
inhabit minisculy minutely momentarily
this skin of verb and noun of somthingness
rotting to neverness, enter enter O’ God
the soul and bone of posibleness
become become O’ God object infinitus

I welcome your thoughts


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