New Poem

So, i’m deviating from my style again, but this time because deviating is the point. What follows is an assault on language, words, labels, values. I read an essay recently by Mikhail Bakhtin and was exited by his insight into language and culture:

“Language is not a neutral medium that passes freely and easily into the private property of the speaker’s intentions; it is populated –overpopulated– with the intentions of others. Expropriating I, forcing it to submit to one’s own intentions and accents, is a difficult and complicated process.”

Wow. So, here is my reaction to this stunning gift that Bakhtin offers. There is one part of the poem below that will look really strange. It is supposed to, however, whenever I copy and paste something from word, wordpress auto corrects its formatting. It has happened before with some other poems. All that to say, I think the format I put it in was cool and fun, but wordpress has set all the words in line with each other against the left margin and collapsed the distances between words and letters that I intended to space variably throughout. Aside from that, i hope you enjoy and that the effect of that particualr section is not entirely diminished.

“There will be time to murder and create”

i’ll tell you what happens
before this poem ends: i

tear an atom in two;
split this rock like glass.
brass-knuckle  blade  gouge
crack the forehead
of the millennium
like a chicken’s skull.
drain the wrist
of a menstruating dove.
drag the blood,
stale and human,
to the dinner table.

here’s my problem:
i am fat, i am ugly, i am
blind. well, fuck that.
how should i have known?
you told me, all of you.
you who speak who swallow
bathwater clogging your throat.
i am here to drop the baby.
i am here to toss you out.

i’ll get to the point;
no ram will barter for your blade.
with it i butcher y-
our words.

i am fat? i am ugly?
i a f at i a ugl y?
am f ? am u
eye am t eye a y
y am i ?
eye i am

so. fill in my blanks one more time
and i’ll cauterize your tongue;
mine, i’ll set on fire, return the kiss
of your betrayal. fill your guts with smoke.

i am a gift of broken bones;
fodder for my fury, a tongue
to make   my   I grow.

I welcome your feedback!


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