New Poem: Show (don’t tell)

Here is another poem that is contingent on the format, and as I have previously mentioned, WordPress just can’t handle it. the last stanza is has a lot of varied spacing and even plays with font size of certain letters. If you are interested in seeing it without WordPress’s horrid right margin effect and strange aversion to spacing, I can email it to you. I’m posting it here, first, to expose it, and second to preserve it (you know, in the case that something happens to my computer). Thanks to all who read here. There is more to come that I hope you enjoy. I’m trying to diversify my style a little, play with other forms, formless forms, etc. May next Piece will likely be something like a meditation on the holy unnameable, and at some point an essay (which im not expecting anyone to read; unless you are interested in Hamlet, Sexuality, Power, and Dystopia, but that is a working premise so don’t get to excited). Thanks for reading!

Show (don’t tell)
-For SW

While this poem is writing me
the echo of my lit prof
her British accent tobacco thick
telling me show don’t tell

but I cannot write around it
to locate it
to sketch a familiar world
that exists through the presence
of my secret

an exhausted jump rope snaked on the floor

a single peeled grape
on a white K-mart plate
envy of it’s yeild
to my fingernail
tearing off the skin

4oz bowl of Corn Flakes perfection weighed
on a plastic kitchen scale

blue socks and Nikes
moist with their miles
cushioning my hours
run exact to the second

show you my hands rock rough gym strong
bones weak and ribbing
proud tendons showing
the soul’s shrinking waistline

the tongues resistance
against carbs of communion

now I get the picture
how the words take their place,
confess what it is

confess what is
i can’t not
i can’t not
yes a n e x
o I c yes
yes a n Or e x i c

I welcome your thoughts!


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