New Poem: First Melody

Hello friends, my most sincere non-apologies for having not posted here in a while. I’ve been busy traveling the world, mainly visiting cities in the U.S. such as Seattle; I’ve been working on a cure for two different types of Jungle fever,and teaching myself to juggle and skip rope while playing the accordion with my butt cheeks. All good, fun, and time consuming activities. But I did find some time for myself and decided that writing some poetry would be time well spent. So, here you go. My Parents will, I assume, have a pretty good idea about what is going on in this poem. I never got away with anything when I was little, but to be fair, the things I would think worth it to get away with are fairly moronic anyway. Cheers!

First Melody

Because I loved the song of it, I felt
My way in the world through the dark hum
And tender-metallic sound a baseball bat makes,
The reverb from a no-place that finds itself
Suddenly in your hands. I’d hold my ear
To the bat’s barrel and hammer at it
With copper pennies, bike chains, skateboard wheels,
Discovering myself to be in tune
With the symphony of what’s before me.

Then refrain came to me, a chorus confused
With monotony. So, I evened my stance
In the marked-out batter’s box beside a tree
In our family’s front yard. First contact felt
Like heavens upsurge along my arms
As the tree played itself through me,
And a scrap of bark chipped away.

Second swing felt the heartbeat answer back,
Its radial center making a kind of speech
My body couldn’t make. The third hack
Was punish for pleasures sake, as sapwood
Softened, and permitted me enter the place
Where what’s beautiful is mistaken for what’s brutal.

And then every day after that, I took cut
After cut, the bark broken open at last, and beat
Into music an ache harmonious with longing.

I welcome your thoughts!


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