New Poem: Falling

A new poem for you all. I hope you can imagine this scene at the swimming pool as I recall and imagine my own experience from childhood of being tossed into the air by my father.



-At a swimming pool in Palm Springs, 2023


Hold on daughter, but never too tightly.

Take my hand and I will lead you deeper

Out of the shallow end. The bottom is further

Than you can imagine. Step out and onto my knees.

Don’t yet look down, but feel with your feet.

Place your palms on your father’s shoulders

And look high to the sun until together

We count. We will rise, together, on three.


And when you fall, dear Katherine, remember:

The bottom is deep down. I’ve been there,

So I know. I can still touch it with my toes.

But look how I float now, next to your mother.

I promise we will always be here. So Let go

And look down. Let the water rise to meet you.


For V.T.


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