About Paul

My name is Paul Tomes.

I’m from Southern California and I love the rain. Currently I live in Seattle, Washington where I go to school. More often than attending class I ditch it, not because I don’t  enjoy it or think it’s important but mainly because I think riding bikes in the rain, rock climbing, taking walks, and drinking coffee or tea while listening to music are all much more exciting. What is most important to know about me is that I am loved. I used to not believe that. Then I met the Lord and he opened up my eyes to the truth of his affection for me. I never realized it, but I have truly been blessed. I have been blessed with a great family, great friends, great church, and a great ministry. I have been blessed with adoption into an eternal family and now I have a perfect eternal Father. Knowing Him has changed my whole life and perspectives on life as well. Though circumstances constantly change, My Fathers love never has. Not once. From being persecuted for what I believe to being a  failure in my relationships with others or just  dealing with the mess ups, anxiety, unforeseen tragedies, and depression of everyday life, God has always been waiting for me to come back to his embrace at the end of everyday. Even when I told Him I hated Him he opened his arms wide to me. Beyond the beauty of that grace, God has given me a passion and a love for the Wilderness, Discipleship, Teaching, and Missions. If it is His will, my desire is to do all four some day…and then some! I want to be recklessly abandoned to the adventure that is following Jesus.


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